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Have Questions? We Want to Help!

We are so pleased to have you as a member of the Avila community. There are several areas that we can provide answers to some frequent residents’ questions.  Please select the question and the answer will be revealed.

How do you reach the police?

The Sheriff’s phone number is (813) 247-8200 for a non-emergency. If it is an emergency please dial 911. Avila’s main security number is 961-3483.

Who can operate golf carts?

Minors are not permitted to operate golf carts. Only drivers licensed by the state of Florida, or any other state in the United States, may operate a motor vehicle or golf cart on the streets in Avila.

What are the parking regulations ?

All vehicles must be garaged and garage doors must be closed at all times when not in use. Parking on the street is prohibited. If a large number of guests requite street parking, Security must be notified in advance so arrangements can be made for proper traffic control signs.

Can we have motorcycles in Avila?

Neither motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized carts shall be operated within Avila.

How fast can we drive in Avila?

Traffic safety rules are strictly enforced and violations may result in the assessment of a fine or other action in law or in equity. The speed limit is set at 25 mph within Avila.

What do we do with our garbage?

All trash, except lawn clippings and rubbish, shall be made available for backdoor collection on the appropriate days. No receptacles may be placed at the curb.

Can dogs run loose in the neighborhood?

All animals shall be kept on a leash when not within an enclosed area on the property. Animals may not be allowed to run loose. The only place dogs can run off-leash is within the fenced Avila Dog Park.

Can we make changes to our home?

All construction, play systems, remodeling, roof changes, additions, or any other change in color, design, or landscaping must have the prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee.

Can we leave our home unlocked?

Everyone should practice good security measures. Keep your home, car doors, and windows locked. All alarms should be kept in good repair, and if the resident chooses, the alarm may be monitored by Security. Always report suspicious people or activities to Security.

Can we have a recreational vehicle?

No mobile home, boat, truck, trailer, or recreational vehicle may be visible on the property. Motorized scooters are prohibited from being operated in Avila.

We are planning on being out of town is there anything we need to do?

As a general safety measure, when planning to be out of town, please make arrangements so that newspapers do not accumulate on the driveway. As a good security measure, always leave a contact number with Avila Security.

We are entertaining guests is there anything we need to do?

Visitors are not permitted to digress through Avila unaccompanied. Parents should keep abreast of who their children are clearing into Avila and be certain that all visitors are aware that their clearance allows them in Avila while in the company of the resident or the resident’s children.



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