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Our Benefits.

Avila is truly a hidden gem in Tampa Bay. With architecturally stunning homes, a world-class country club, and well-dressed grounds, Avila has much to offer its residents.

Avila Security


Avila’s security team is definitely one of its greatest assets. Available 24/7 and 365 days a year, security team members are always available to take a call and respond quickly. In addition to placement at all gatehouses, Avila’s uniformed guards patrol and guard the inner and outer premises of the community.

Avila’s skilled guards are experienced, mature, and professional. Their primary objective is to provide a visible deterrent to criminals and to provide professional protection to the resident’s most precious assets; their home and families.

Avila Security has a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure that our guards are the most qualified individuals to be a part of our team. All of our security guards have years of experience in customer service and a background in military or law enforcement.

The Avila Security team’s service is exceptional and ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Watching out for the residents’ well-being and what is important to you is our pleasure. 

Avila's Main Gate
Avila's Florida Service Gate
Avila's lake Crenshaw Gate

Avila Women's Club

The Avila Women’s Club was founded in 1983, just a few years after the first families moved into the newly developed Avila neighborhood. The mission of the club is to provide a venue for neighborhood women to meet and to share or develop new interests through group activities and social events. Meetings are held monthly from September through May and are hosted in member homes and at local businesses.

Each new family that moves into the Avila neighborhood is greeted by our hospitality committee and is provided with community and women’s club membership information. Membership in the Avila Women’s Club is open to all women who live or own property in the Avila neighborhood.

The Avila Women’s Club has also created special interest groups given the community’s current interest. Presently, there is the casual gourmet, book club, bridge, and “mommy and me” playgroup for young children, all taking advantage of Avila’s community.

Avila Women's Club Event

Avila Community Park

Our entire state-of-the-art playground space within the Avila Park has been clearly defined. It includes both permanent pieces of equipment and an open, unstructured space for play activities.

The outdoor activities have obvious advantages for children of all ages in their health and well-being. With outside time kids can run, jump, skip, hop, climb, slide, push, throw, dig, race, shout, hide, roll, and haul.

It is important to provide equipment outdoors that promotes a wide variety of active, physical experiences for children. The playground has been designed with a careful eye to play traffic patterns, safety, and design. The grounds contain equipment that allows for the following type of play:

  • Things to climb and balance on.
  • Things to swing on.
  • Things to slide on.
  • Things to get into and under.
  • Things to jump on and over.
  • Things to kick, throw, and aim for.

Avila's Basketball Court

Avila POA encourages all parents to take advantage of the playground key experience. Kids can actively explore, play, and choose a variety of activities on the equipment and within the park. All of the structured equipment has an undercoating of safety mulch.

In addition to the playground equipment of the playhouse structure, climbing rings, and slides, the park contains a running/walking path, an open soccer field, and a basketball court. Also included is a lighted walking track. And in the cooler months, many residents enjoy our pickleball courts and game equipment.

Next to the park is a pavilion that houses, picnic tables, and restrooms. The pavilion provides an unobstructed view of the playground for parental observation of what the kids are playing on and doing.

The entire outdoor space is adjacent to the APOA’s offices and is bounded by trees and fencing. It is an ideal space for less constructed, intense, and spontaneous play and interactions with other kids.

Avila Play Set
Avila Slide
Avila Play Ropes

Avila Dog Park

As a special benefit to Avila’s four-pawed canine residents, there is a safe and enclosed dog park. The Avila dog park provides a space where dogs can run off-leash. All dogs can socialize with other dogs their size.

Avila provides one large contained area, for both small and large dogs. Within this space, the dogs can run and mingle.

Outside the fenced area is a refreshing doggie-drinking fountain for healthy hydration. And supplies are available for clean-ups, if necessary.

Avila’s goal is to provide a venue that encourages a happy and healthy dog’s life for its’ special residents. Race, socialize, investigate new smells, wrestle with doggie-friends and fetch and frolic until it is time to go home. A park to support physical and mental activities leading to a well-balanced dog and happy Avila resident.

Avila's Dog Park with Water Fountain
Avila Puppy at Play
Avila's Off-leash Park
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