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ARC Playset & Sports Equipment Submittal

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE Application for Approval of Playset & Sports Equipment

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    1.) Please provide a site plan indicating where the playset will be installed. The site plan must include dimensions of the playset and setbacks from the property line. Please note: The tallest element of any play system should not exceed 12’ above the ground. The setbacks from all property lines shall be 1’ for each foot of height of the structure measured from the highest element. The horizontal dimension from the property line is measured to the closet element of the play system to the property line (s).

    2.) A picture of the playset. The play system must incorporate dark and muted colors. No flags or pennants are permitted.

    3.) If the playset is able to be seen by the street or neighboring properties landscape will be required to be installed to screen the equipment from view. The plant material must screen the playset upon installation. If screening is needed, please fill out Appendix 3-ARC Landscape Form for approval.

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