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Pickleball RSVP.

To reserve the pickleball court, please proceed to the following link and follow the instructions below. Assistance in navigating the website can also be provided by APOA staff.

Pickleball Scheduling Website:

  1. Hit the Register button in Gold. (Do not do the demo because it has proven to be challenging to get out of the demo to get back to Register.
  2. Select Country, State, and Region (Tampa Bay/St Pete). (There is a Lutz option, but the group has been using Tampa.)
  3. Put your email in. A password is optional.
  4. Enter your name, address, and zip code.
  5. When entering the skill rating – put anything you want for now.
  6. Mark yes for mail notifications and accept cookies – it is required for anti-spam verification. They ask for three numbers. We have found that 0 0 2 works best.
  7. Hit Register. This will bring you to the calendar. There is a blue line that says ADD Session. Hit this. The first thing you should see is Avila. Plug the date and time you want to play and do not check skill rating or invite only. Hit add session on the bottom and then go back to the calendar. You will see a blue circle on the date and time you signed up for. If you click on the blue circle, you will see the name of the player and you will be given the choice to edit or cancel the session. If there is already a circle started for the date and time you want to play, please click on THAT circle and add your name to the list of those who have already signed up. Do not create a second circle for the same date and time. When 4 or more players have signed up for the same day/time circle, ALL players will receive an email confirming there is a game for that day.

If the pickleball court is already reserved, the multipurpose court might still be available. That court will remain on a first-come, first-served system. The APOA provides a couple of pickleball nets, which can be found in the storage bins located under the pavilion. Please be advised the APOA does not provide pickleball paddles or balls.

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