Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian’s track has shifted slightly south, and it is projected to approach Category 4 strength as it targets Florida early next week.

Here are 10 priorities to consider:

  1. Remove clutter from the area around your residence and offer to help neighbors prepare if they need assistance.
  2. Store valuable documents like legal papers, cherished photos and family mementos in waterproof boxes.
  3. Stock up on the basics of food, water, medicines for a weeks supply.
  4. Gas up your car and withdraw some cash for unexpected expenses in the wake of the storm.
  5. Keep a supply of batteries, supercharge your phone and back up your computer.
  6. Keep as calm as possible and don’t frighten children…comfort them and give them assurance that you love them and will protect them.
  7. Guard against shattered glass and stay in an interior location when winds blow.
  8. Keep your friends and loved ones in touch as much as possible.
  9. During the recovery period, obey all public safety orders.
  10. Consider supporting relief efforts with whatever time or money contributions you can afford.